Code CRM is a web-based client feedback management system that is used to gather feedback on our services providing to the clients and to identify areas for improvement through the statistical and data analysis.

Important Features/Functionalities

  • Secure access through user ID, password and integrated with active directory domain, single sign on (SSO) process
  • User management, role management, master management (Like Client master, business verticals and services master, etc..) configuration
  • Dashboard functionality to view client(s) details, map view for Cliantha’ s client(s) across the world, recently received client feedback and view feedback status.
  • Functionality to design Client feedback form with dynamic controls.
  • Functionality to configure e-mail settings, reminder, and client feedback form setting
  • Functionality to map user wise client POC/representatives
  • Services wise (e.g., Early Phase, Late Phase) and client POC/representatives wise feedback link generation facility
  • Functionality to view feedback status report with data output facility (Excel output)
  • Functionality to analyse feedback data through different methods {Chart’s view, excel data Output, statistical chart output, etc..}.