Code Siva (Segment-1), a software to have centralized data for all the feasibility responses of BA/BE & Phase-1 studies inquired at Cliantha. A remarkable step towards modernization & system optimization at its best version to track the inquiries of our valuable partners. The software supports to share the feasibility responses for the study inquiries from our partners with least turnaround time. It is a connecting link between Operational teams and Frontline client responder team. On top of that, it is a reserve of our Client database in a secured manner.

Key Features :

  • Customized workflow
  • Email Notification
  • Track inquiry deadlines
  • Flexible & secure
  • Role based access control: for better operational efficiency, restricted access will be given each user. This will decrease risk of breaches and data leakage
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Quick turnaround time for responses to partners’ inquiries
  • Audit Trail: Comprehensive audit trial is available which follow records back to their origin. Each and every activity has been captured
  • Entry have been updated with time and user name along with first and last name.
  • Only authorized person can access the system through user ID & password. The system have been validated to operate correctly.